Bulls For Sale

Look for our Bulls for Sale at the MCA/MSU Bull Test, Michigan Beef Expo, and at the Farm.

Please contact Monte Bordner at (269) 506-5109 for more information.

MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation Program, Saturday March 16, 2019

Plank Farm, Crystal, MI

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Lot 56 – BAF Rito R80 731E

Lot 58 – BAF High Security 806F

We have been raising Registered Angus Cattle since 1963. We sent our first bull to a Central Test Station over 40 years ago at the West MI Bull Test. Later we sent bulls to Indiana and Iowa.

I served on the committee along with Dr. Harlan Ritchie, Amos Fox, Quentin Harwood, among others that started the MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation, 29 years ago.

The cattle industry has come a long way in the last 3 decades. Our vaccination protocol, semen testing, and VBVD-PI testing have become the industry standard. Performance measures such as EPD’s for calving ease, efficiency, docility, carcass traits, and dollar values have helped the commercial bull buyers understand the true value of the bulls they are buying.

Some traits we select for don’t have an EPD, including maternal ability. The cows and heifers that breed early every year and bring home a high quality calf. We have cow families that have done this for 40 years, the dams of lots 49 and 47 are from the Blackbird Tribe that has been on our farm since the ’70s.

Ultimately, our mission is to produce breeding bulls that will meet the Certified Angus Beef target, “Putting the best eating experience on the plate money can buy!”

A lifetime commitment to provide

Value Add Carcass Genetics